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About Corbett

Corbett National Park was established on 8 August 1936, It was then called Hai ley National Park after Sir Malcolm Hailey, the then governor of the United Provinces.

distance FROM

Delhi - 260 kms
Lucknow - 446 kms
Nanital - 66 kms
Ranikhet - 112 kms.

how to reach

240 km. stone distance from National Capital New Delhi. 2 km stone distance from local Railway Station. very near to local bus station. 60 km. stone distance from Pantnagar Airport . .

Safari in Corbett National Park


Jeep and elephant Safaris are the ideal way of exploring the Indian land. Jim Corbett National Park endorses Jeep Safari, Horse Safari, Bird Safari, Elephant Safari, Fishing safari and the Nature walk.


Dhikala Zone Corbett National park

Dhikala Zone

20 Nov 2014

Dhikala is most popular & loved tourist accommodation Jim Corbett National park area, Dhikala is a Paradise Awaiting The Dhikala Complex is most sought after place to stay at, Herds of Chitals Elephants are seen from the complex itself, Which attracts park visitors enormously.Dhikala is open for tourists from 15th November to 15th June.

Bijrani Zone Corbett National Park

Bijrani Zone

20 Nov. 2014

Bijrani F.R.H. (Forest Rest House) is a government owned and operated rest house, located 7km in from the entry gate of Aamdanda, in the Bijrani zone of Jim Corbett National Park. It was built in 1928, and the same stone building has been retained as it is. We stayed in the 3rd week of Dec-2013 for two days and one night.

Jhirana Zone Corbett National Park

Jhirana Zone

20 Nov 2014
The Jhirna jeep safari zone is one of the most eye-catching spots inside the Jim Corbett national park and is visited by tourists with the Corbett Safari Booking facilities. It lies at a distance of 16km from Ramnagar and tourists need to have special permit issued by the national park authority priorto making an entry to the zone.

Malani FRH Corbett Tiger Reserve

Malani FRH

20 Nov 2014

This FRH lies 12 km due northwest of Bijrani. Located on the edge of the core zone of the Park, Malani has offers one of the most picturesque surroundings and solitude. The drive up to Malani is quite rewarding in mammal and bird sightings.

Elephant Safari Corbett Tiger Reserve

Elephant Safari

20 Nov 2014

Elephant Safari in Corbett, takes you through deep valleys, dense forests and craggy trails without disturbance. The Elephant is the royal mode of transport. The height of the gigantic beast help to viewing the wildlife species very clearly.

Jeep Safari Corbett Tiger Reserve

Jeep Safari

20 Nov 2014

The jeep safari allows the wildlife enthusiast to cover large distances in the jungle in a short span of time, allowing tourists, wildlife lovers and photographers to cover large tracts of park in a day. Open jeep roofs allow for a good 360 degrees view of the wild jungle around, while the vehicle also provides ample security to the animal watchers.


Yoga in Corbett Tiger Reserve

Rishikesh is a fabulous place to experience classic Indian yoga.This discipline may be less precise for students used to the precision of western classes however having a more relaxed more spiritual atmosphere, it's an enjoyable place to discover what India offers.

River Rafting Corbett National park

While you arrive in Rishikesh to indulge in the sport of rafting, you can also indulge in a number of other adventure activities. One of these is the sport of rappeling in Rishikesh. To rappell is actually roping down a cliff, as you might be aware. We arrange rappeling expeditions for both beginners as well as skilled adventurers.

Fishing Corbett National Park

fishing in the rivers

20 Nov 2014

Fishing and angling at various rivers is an adventurous sport. At present you can enjoy these two sports in various wildlife sanctuaries. Corbett is the famous and well known wildlife reserve which provide Fishing and Angling along with the variety of wildlife.

Bird Watching and siteseeing in Corbett

bird watching

20 Nov 2014

With over 600 bird species in its 520 square km of core area, Corbett bird watching tour is as amazing as a wildlife expedition. Dove, chat, robin, finch, eagle, hornbill, beef eater, babbler and kingfisher are some of the common birds that visitors can spot easily in the lush vegetation of the park.

Aarti in Ganges Haridwar

Ceremonial offerings where hundreds of camphor flame leaf boats float picturesquely on the river The ashram centre located on either side of a footbridge over the river has great restaurants, great bookshops, and e-mail places, so there is little need to visit the commercial centre Being a holy city Rishikesh is totally vegetarian you won't even find an egg there. .

Wild life photography in Corbett Park

wildlife photography

20 Nov 2014

Picturing the backdrop of the Himalayas, and hearing the gentle lapping, to the loud "ROAR" of the river creates an image that will stay with you for ever.